Limited area of ​​validity
From January 1st 2019 the Avannaata Municipal Plan 2018-2030 became applicable and has since then been in effect
This means that the Qaasuitsup Municipal Plan 2014-2026 has since January 1st 2019 only been applicable to Kommune Qeqertalik.
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Which plans and area allotments are in force?

On 26 March 2014, the municipal council approved the 2014-26 Town Plan, and issued a notice on the plan on 1 May 2014. The draft town plan was submitted for public hearing from 4 December 2013 to 10 February 2014. During the public hearing period, the municipal council treated a number of responses to the hearing request. As a result, the adopted town differs from the draft town plan in a number of respects.

  • The 2014-26 Town Plan for Qaasuitsup Municipality is the first united town plan for the new Qaasuitsup Municipality, which was formed during the 2009 municipal reform. Upon the adoption of the new town plan, the eight town plans from the eight previous municipalities were cancelled, meaning that only the new 2014-26 Town Plan for Qaasuitsup Municipality is in force. 
  • In the future, all planning and land administration in Qaasuitsup Municipality will be based on the new united planning basis contained in the 2014-26 Town Plan. 
  • All area allotments that have been granted and are legal are still in force. Area allotments are to comply with the town plan provisions for the specific subarea, which are stipulated in the town plan, and cannot contradict national planning interest, including the Government of Greenland’s sector legislation or national planning interests in spatial planning. 
  • The concept of “continuous legal use” applies to all area allotments that have been granted and are legal. This means that a legal area allotment which was granted according to previous planning provisions, which have been replaced by new provisions, continues to constitute a legal area allotment in force and will continue to constitute one in case of change of ownership. The same goes even the area allotment does not comply with the new planning basis. 
  • All previously approved detailed provisions (and old local plan provisions) for the town plan subareas remain in force until they are replaced by new plans. In case of disagreement between the town plan’s overall provisions and detailed provisions (as well as previous local plan provisions), the overall provisions are to apply. As a result, new detailed provisions are to be prepared for major building and civil engineering activities.
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