Planning forecast

The planning forecast is essential in obtaining an overview of the basis for the new common town plan. The planning forecast describes the links to other planning instruments, such as the national planning, economic planning, town planning to date etc.

Past planning in the municipality is made up of the eight previous town plans and the common planning strategy “Strategy 2020”. Identifying values, visions and key actions, the strategy sets out the approach to planning and development in Qaasuitsup Municipality for the next 12 years.

The present planning framework includes numerous local plans and town plan addendums, including a comprehensive town plan addendum covering a number of onshore areas to cater for the activities of offshore companies. The town plan addendum is based on the in-depth preliminary analysis “Offshore onshore” (2011), in which a number of development sites were identified. The town plan addendum makes it possible, already now, to allot areas to the offshore sector for various onshore construction works.

Summary of changes to the eight previous town plans, and changes to subareas following the public hearing period:

 summary_of_changes.pdf (229.8 KB)