Limited area of ​​validity
From January 1st 2019 the Avannaata Municipal Plan 2018-2030 became applicable and has since then been in effect
This means that the Qaasuitsup Municipal Plan 2014-2026 has since January 1st 2019 only been applicable to Kommune Qeqertalik.

Occupation, education and income

As per 1 January 2013, there were 11,574 persons in the economically active age group from 16 to 64 in Qaasuitsup Municipality. This group delivered a total of 8,100 man-years, which is a slight decrease compared to 2000 when 8,400 man-years were delivered.

Hunting and fishing play an important role in the economic life of the municipality – especially in the settlements – but the importance of these trades is declining and new ones are taking over.
Public administration is the main line of business in the municipality, particularly in the towns where 50 per cent of the man-years are delivered. Other service trades account for the majority of the remaining man-years, while building, craft man ship and industry only account for a little more than ten per cent.

A majority of the population in the municipality have not completed a qualifying education, and almost 80 per cent have finished elementary school without pursuing any further education.

14 per cent have completed vocational training and three per cent further vocational training. Less than two per cent have completed a preparatory or supplementary course. Approximately two per cent have completed a higher academic education. This differs significantly from the national figures for Greenland, which generally demonstrate a higher educational level than Qaasuitsup Municipality.


The Greenlandic economy is characterised by having a lower per capita income level than other relatively wealthy countries. Furthermore, the inhabitants in the settlements have a lower income than the town population. The average taxable income in the settlements was DKK 65,490 and DKK 110,594 in the towns. However, self-sufficiency is practised at a higher level in the settlements. Compared to Greenland as a whole, it is estimated that the settlement population of Qaasuitsup Municipality enjoys an average income. Only one settlement is estimated to have a distinctively low income.

Regarding social conditions, a few of the settlements score high on “estimated need of assistance” and early retirement. The provider’s burden is generally heavy, due to a large number of children or senior citizens.

Unemployment in Qaasuitsup Municipality and Greenland has risen by 30 and 35 per cent, respectively, from 2000 to 2012. The tendency is clear in the towns – particularly in the small towns, where the number of unemployed persons has more than doubled in some places. In the municipality as a whole, unemployment increased from 562 persons in 2008 to 986 in 2012. In 2012, the unemployment rate in Qaasuitsup Municipality was 8.5 per cent (based on the potential work force).

The figures cover large seasonal fluctuations, as the unemployment rate peaks during the winter period and drops during the summer.


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