Nutaarmiut is located some 91 km north of Upernavik on an island with the same name in Baffin Bay. In Greenlandic, the name means “the people in the new place”. Just a kilometre north of Nutaarmiut lies the settlement of Ikerasaarsuk on a small, narrow island, which is separated from Nutaarmiut by a narrow sound. Ikerasarssuk numbers a mere six inhabitants and Nutaarmiut 26 inhabitants (1 February 2013), and together the two settlements make up the smallest dwelling in the Upernavik district.

Because of their small population and the short distance between the two settlements, plans cover both Nutaarmiut and Ikerasarssuk.

Settlement objectives (priority areas, development goals etc.)

The current level of service and housing is to match the development of the settlement. Further urban development is to take place within the existing settlement area. Business development is primarily to protect and strengthen fishing, sealing and whaling. The settlements are to continue to be good dwellings for their inhabitants. The fish factory may be integrated in the settlement life, or act as an independent unit near the settlements.

Population and housing

Nutaarmiut’s population has decreased steadily since 1980 when it had 75 inhabitants. Ikerasarssuk has also seen a drastic decline in its population, falling from 17 inhabitants in 2000 to a mere six inhabitants today. Its population was especially struck by the closure of Upernavik Seafood A/S’s production hall. The housing stock only consists of single-family houses.

The development in both Nutaarmiut and Ikerasarssuk is very scattered, and there is plenty of remaining capacity for further urban development. The remaining residential capacity in the two settlements is estimated at around 65 homes.

Industry and port facilities

The primary trades of Nutaarmiut and Ikerasarssuk are Greenland halibut fishing and sealing, but the settlements have no actual port facilities. A small area has been zoned for industrial and port purposes in the southern end of Nutaarmiut.

Jobs mainly lie in fishing, sealing and whaling, but the service facilities in the settlements and tourism also generate jobs. In 2010, the unemployment rate in the settlements of Upernavik was around four per cent, which is below the municipal average (six per cent)..

In the town plan, the remaining capacity for industry and port facilities is estimated at 24,000 m².

Infrastructure and services

Neither settlement has any helistop or roads. Transport is by ship, dog sledge or snowmobile.
The settlements have no water supply or sewer system. Grey wastewater is therefore discharged above ground. The dump is located north of Nutaarmiut, where refuse is burned in the open, whereas night soil is dumped into the sea from either the newer night-soil ramp or an established pipe. Part of the night soil is, though, deposited on the dump. Power and heat supplies are handled by Nukissiorfiit, and telecommunication is handled by TELE Greenland A/S.

Service functions in Nutaarmiut include a church, a settlement library, a school and a branch office. The settlement boasts no shops or health-care facilities, nor any child-care services. Ikerasarssuk has no service functions.


The elementary school, Nutaarmiut Atuarfiat, numbers around four pupils in forms 1 through 7.

Cultural and leisure facilities

The church forms the settings for all social and cultural activities in Nutaarmiut and Ikerasarssuk. There are no other organised leisure activities.

No preservation-worthy buildings exist in neither Nutaarmiut nor Ikerasarssuk.