By- og bygdeplaner

Qaasuitsup Municipality consists of a total of eight towns and 32 settlements located like beads on a string along the coast. The following is a description of the characteristics and development potential of the towns and settlements as well as the provisions of the town plan governing their future use and development.

The individual towns and settlements are divided into subareas according to use:

Residential areas (A), areas for industry and port (B), centre areas and areas for public purposes (C), unbuilt areas and areas for recreational purposes (D), and areas for technical supply plants and other infrastructure (E), and other associated overall provisions. The provisions form the basis for the municipality grating area allotments and planning permissions. 

Moreover, some subareas are subject to – in addition to the overall provisions – detailed provisions. The detailed provisions are either in the form of previously prepared local plans or town plan addendums (links are inserted in this document).

Finally, all towns and settlements are subject to a number of general provisions on, e.g., roads, parking, keeping of dogs, location of containers etc. The general provisions are binding on the municipal council’s planning and management of area use in Qaasuitsup Municipality.

General provisions