Limited area of ​​validity
From January 1st 2019 the Avannaata Municipal Plan 2018-2030 became applicable and has since then been in effect
This means that the Qaasuitsup Municipal Plan 2014-2026 has since January 1st 2019 only been applicable to Kommune Qeqertalik.


§ 7 Reservation of area

7.1 A reservation of area represents the municipal council’s intention to grant approval, provided that the area has not been or will be assigned to another applicant during the reservation period.

7.2 A reservation of area is limited to a period of a maximum of three months. As for areas for major civil engineering works, the reservation may apply for no more than six months. 

7.3 A reservation of area does not entail the right of use of the area. It is rather to be seen as a period where an applicant is given the chance to clarify the project, economy etc.

7.4 A reservation of area is annulled without further notice if the stipulated reservation deadline is exceeded.

§ 8 Entitlement to area allotment

8.1 Provided that an applicant meets the abovementioned terms and conditions and that the application otherwise complies with the planning in force at the time, the applicant is entitled to an area allotment.

§ 9 Registration of area allotments

9.1 The land authority registers new area allotments in NunaGIS/NIN (the Land Use Register of Greenland).

9.2 To the extent necessary, the land authority reviews and updates existing rights in towns and settlements. Thereby, the municipality maintains an aggregated list of current rights to areas in the municipality.

§ 10 Injunction pursuant to section 32

10.1 The municipal council can only oppose such application if an injunction is issued against the use, pursuant to section 32 of the Planning Act, and if the municipal council subsequently makes the necessary changes to the planning basis. A section-32 injunction cannot be issued against an application for transfer, unless it entails a change to existing conditions. The principle of continued legal use applies.


Ministry of Housing - Memorandum :

Allotment of areas zoned for public service and institutions

 area's for public purpurses.pdf (226 KB)

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