Area allotment


Greenland enforces joint ownership of land. Consequently, areas cannot be bought or sold. Permission to build or erect structures and facilities presupposes area allotment, which implies the right to use the land.
Consequently, Qaasuitsup Municipality requires a set of provisions that can form the basis for managing the allotment of areas and right of use. The following guidelines make up a tool assisting the municipality, as well as information to citizens on how applications for area allotment are processed.

The provisions consist of general provisions, which include provisions for towns, settlements and open country, including special provisions regarding containers, boat storage, keeping of dogs etc.

Furthermore, there are a set of standard conditions for area allotment and a set of general guidelines on area allotment.

Text in italics aims to explain and illustrate the provisions. Thus, text in italics is not provisions and as such not enforceable.

As a basis for managing areas in Qaasuitsup Municipality, detailed provisions are predominantly to be prepared prior to finalising area allotment. All area allotment is to comply with the town plan.


You can apply for an area allotment in two ways:

By using the standard application form (in Danish) for areal allotment.

Digital application for areal allotment via