Application for area allotment

§ 4 Application for area allotment

4.1 Applications for areas in Qaasuitsup Municipality can be filled in either digitally via or using a hardcopy application. After filling in the NIN application/hardcopy form, the applicant is to print the form, sign it and submit it to the municipality.

4.2 An area allotment is personal and can be granted to any legal person, i.e. a person, company, association and the like, regardless of residence or registered address.

4.3 In case of area allotments for minors, a declaration of indemnification is to be issued by the High Commissioner in Greenland.

Available areas are regularly advertised on the municipality’s website and on NunaGIS.

§ 5 Advertisement of available areas

5.1 On the municipality’s website, NunaGIS and other media, the municipal council regularly advertises areas which are available for construction projects thanks to town planning and land development.

5.2 New plots and areas available for residential and association purposes are advertised for at least three weeks.

5.3 New plots and areas available for industry, institutions and technical purposes are advertised for at least six weeks.

5.4 If, by the advertised deadline, more than one qualified applicant applies for the same area, it is decided by drawing lots who gets the reservation of area. The public can be present at the draw.

5.5 If an applicant abandons the reservation of area, the abandoned area is re-advertised according to the procedure described in sub-sections 5.1-5.4.

5.6 To qualify as applicant, the applicant is to provide, as a minimum, a statement from the lender.

5.7 One person or one company can apply for – and be awarded – several areas. For instance, if a construction company wants to construct homes with re-sale in mind, provided that the applicant can document that the project can be realised.

5.8 Only one application may be submitted by the same person or company that appears as one, and only one, single legal entity for the same plot and/or area.

§ 6 Requirements for area applications

6.1 Applications for area allotment are to include the following appendices:

As an example, the application may clarify how the project fits in with the strategic action areas in the municipality’s 2020 Planning Strategy.

The building contractor is to document that he/she can raise the necessary funds, as estimated by the municipality, and validate the lender. The wording of the provision implies proportionality – namely that the liquidity to be demonstrated to the municipality reflects the scale of the building project.